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Khamis, 25 April 2013 | 0Superstar (s)!

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One , I'm a Malaysian . two and three done  . Four , done . Five, six and seven done . yg six ni mlas sikitt :D Eight :
Blog Irdina besa -2 ja tadak ap-2 sngt :D  . I'm just being my self  travel  . skin  pink biru sbab dina suka wrna tu hehe :) .  header tu pun cukup dgn doddle perempuan yg berambut pnjang mcm dina hahaa ^_^  . .  
 The gifts;
One; Tribal Shirt for Boy. Tribal Shawl for Girl.
Two; Superman Shirt for Boy. Superman Long Necklace for Girl.
Three; Top-Up RM 10 for celcom/maxis/digi user only.
Saguhati 3 orang; Top-up RM5 for celcom/maxis/digi user only.

dina sbenarnya nak semua hadiah tu :D. sbb tu la eyden join . HAHA. if korang nk dpt hdiah-2 ni  join lah :D ^_^

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