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Tutorial : Name with URL Box
Selasa, 18 Jun 2013 | 0Superstar (s)!

k now .. Dina nk bt tutorial (first time) HAHA oke so tahu tak Name With URL Box ? xtau ? let's see


haa skrang dh tau kan ? k jum buat :)

Template Designer 

1. Dashboard > Layout 
2. Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript
Template Classic

1. Dashboard > Template
2. Copy code dekat bawah ni
<center><table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2" width="180">
<tr><td><input type="text" size="11" value="YOUR NAME" style="width:170px;
color:#000;border:1px  dotted #000;background-color:#ffffff;" onclick="this.focus()" onfocus="this.select()"></td></tr><tr>
<td><input type="text" size="11" value="URL BLOG" style="width:170px;
color:#000;border:1px dotted #0000;background-color:#ffffff;" onclick="this.focus()" onfocus="this.select()"><tr></table></center>
4. Template designer paste dekat HTML/JavaScript
5. Template classic paste dekat tmpat yg korg nak letak kotak ni
6. Preview & save
 Hijau : Nama
 Biru : URL blog


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